Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Outlandish Look Into My Eyes

this is the story that you need to hear.
Dispatches: The Killing Zone (A MUST SEE!)

Now who are the terrorist? This is organized teror. But if you say that then you are anti-semitic!! If you are human and have a brain, then you can point out the terrorrist.
Occupation 101 (23 mins)

After watching this, ask yourself who are the terrorist. Ask yourself what nation was based on religion other than Isreal. Ask yourself who are the victims? Who really belong to this land? Who is the one who is being killed of? Does it make sense that the same people who were the vitims to the Holucust to repeat the same crime to others? Ask your self and answer yourself.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rhapsody Playlist

Rhapsody Playlist: "1. We Will Never Submit (bonus track) - Sami Yusuf
2. Straight Path - Seven 8 Six Ft. Aman
3. In'nilta - Yusuf Islam
4. Rope of Allah - IMAN
5. Be Real - Seven 8 Six
6. Ya'Allah - Seven 8 Six
7. In God's Name - IMAN
8. My Ummah - Sami Yusuf
9. Angel Of War - Yusuf Islam
10. Just Remember - IMAN
11. Munajat (Arabic) - Sami Yusuf
12. Selawat - Zain Bhikha Featuring Qatrunada
13. Time - Zain Bhikha
14. Our World - Zain Bhikha
15. Praise To The Prophet - Zain Bhikha
16. Ya Rasulallah - Sami Yusuf
17. Muhammad Mustafa - IMAN
18. The White Moon (Featuring Ben Ammi) - Yusuf Islam
19. Allah Hu Allah - Zain Bhikha
20. Spread The Word - Zain Bhikha
21. Peace Train - Yusuf Islam
22. La Illaha Illallah - IMAN


Monday, October 02, 2006

The war on Islam. Not the war on terror. The Crusades of our times.

We live in times that is no diffrent to the times of the middleages. Bloodshed is still a daily reality for most of the inhabitants of this earth. Hate is still rises each day. Revnege boils our hearts. But today we want to sound politicaly correct. Thus, we call things with other names thinking that we can get a way with it. but we are so wrong.

The war on terror is nothing but a war on Islam. All terrorist tend to come from the muslim nations, not only the Middle East. It is a war on the religion, culture, language, and way of life. Muslims around the world live in the same fear that once before the jews of Germany lived in. War now is a daily problem. Families are distoryed. Girls are raped, and childern slaugthered.

Now, Lebanon is facing the same thing it face decades ago. It is face with occupation by the forces that is supposed to protect it. They are not ruled by forgien troops, who work for the agenda of the christian world. History is repeating itself again.

Now the world stands still, with nothing to do. Still bloodshed takes place in Iraq, and Afganistan. The Palistians still are slaugthered daily. It is a sad reality, but what can we do. Nothing. Nothing but a prayer, and cry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

America The Beautiful

What is America. Is it the land of the free and the home of the brave. Is America really beautiful, or is there an ugly side to it? One might disagree with any one who would try to bash the image of this great nation. But lets not forget that no one and I repeat no one is perfect. That also hold true when it come to any government or nation. We all have our ups and downs. We all do things that we were not supossed to do. Some times we make mistakes, but what is important is not to repeat those mistakes.

However, for some reason our great nataion tend to do the same things over and over again. It is not the first time we ingage in forgien affairs. We did it before in the early 1900's and we are doing it a gain. But instead of carring the big stick and speaking softly, we are bombing nations loudly. That is not a good thing when it come to diplomacy. We tend at sometimes get caught up with issues that surve no purose what so ever. Why should we support Isreal, and pay billions of dollars yearly to them. We also pay millions of dollars to Egypt to prevent them from attacking Isreal. What purpose does that surve when it comes to our affairs.

It is certianly not helping our homeland Security, because it only causes problems with other nations. We are also cuting from funds that are supposed to serve the American public, but now all that money is taken a way in the pockets of the rich corrupt officals of Egypt. We as Americans need money to fund education, national security, and health care. However, about more than 40% of our budget is going some where else than the genreal public. I am not taking about humanitrain aid, which we do not do anyting about, but I am talking about war, and pentions which we give off to other countries.

It is time to look at these issues and be aware of what is going on with this nation. We have to understand that not all great powers last. But the ones who live for hundred of years, live on it poeples intellegnce. It is people like you who are willing to change things, and make tings happen, are the ones that made the Roman Emprire do great, or Greece famous. But if we just sit and do nothing, we will be nothing in the next century. lets work together to put this great nation on its feet again.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rhapsody Playlist

Rhapsody Playlist: "1. Misr Adat - Fairuz
2. Baghdad Wal Chouarra - Fairuz
3. Misr Adat - Fairuz
4. Ala Balad El Mahboub - Oum Kolsoum"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why do we love violence?

America, a country of freedom, peace and justice. At the same time America has become a nation of bursting hate and violence. It starts from the age of 7. Children are introduced to cartoons that gives them their first taste of violence. Whether it is Pokemon, or Yo Gi YO, it is all a bout competing with, killing or crippling your enemy. This what our innocent children are taught. Then comes, the really bloody stuff. At the age of 13, children are exposed to even more violent images. Whether it is the news, the WWF, or movies. Movies are a biggy. These innocent children grow to admire these imaginary killing machines. They watch horror movies, with images of blood not as pain full, but as exciting. These children get hooked on video games, x BOX, and the play -station. They play games that involves killing and rape. They get hooked on to them, which it sad to say in some cases, becomes a reality. Lets face it America, it is not the terrorists who only love violence, but we love it to. Both are thirsty for the taste of blood, the smell of burnt flesh, on the sound of crying screams of the dying. It is fascinating, exciting, and we love it.